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In 1799, the Tunis sheep's ancestors arrived in the United States from North Africa. Once arrived, the Tunis Sheep quickly spread throughout the mid-Atlantic and the southeast, as they were well adapted to the heat and humidity of these regions.  The Tunis was the mainstay of sheep production in the upper South until the Civil War, when nearly all of the Southern stock was destroyed.  In the last decade, the Tunis Sheep has had a resurgence in the Southeast, as it is considered a gem within American agricultural history. The Tunis sheep is striking and attractive in appearance, with cream or ivory colored wool that is set nicely contrasted by a cinnamon-red face and legs. The meat from the Tunis sheep is tender and flavorful without having a strong mutton tas

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SB Farms

  Malone, FL

SB Farms was founded by two guys; Paul who is Greek and I am a LA farmer (lower Alabama that is). SB Farms believes in preserving small farms, all-natural animal husbandry, all-natural crops(garden to row), and homesteading. SB Farms is here to serve our customers. We are transparent in our of our processes here on there farm. (more...)

Rocky Ranch

  Snowflake, AZ    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

We re-introduced Tunis to Arizona in 2009 with our small flock of 4 ewes and 1 ram which we purchased from Utah and Idaho. We have enjoyed this breed tremendously! We chose this breed due to their ease in lambing, frequent twinning, milk and wool production, and the taste of their meat. (more...)

Red Rope Farm

  Douglassville, PA

Red Rope Farm in Douglassville, PA was started in 2004 by Dave & Kim Day. We began with 2 dozen laying hens and our farm has grown very much since then. We now have about 30 hens, 6 ducks, 3 turkeys, a goat and 12 sheep. We focus on grass feeding at Red Rope Farm because it is most natural for the animals. (more...)

Red Fern Farm

  Gray Court, SC

A small family farm, our primary goal is to feed ourselves and others good, healthy food grown without synthetic inputs. (more...)

Piazza Farmers Market

  Philadelphia, PA

We are a YEAR-ROUND market offering all locally produced/prepared products. Free Range Chicken, Grass Fed Beef, Naturally Raised Pork and Lamb, Pastured Cage-Free Eggs, Cow and Goat Cheese, Raw Cow's Milk, Raw Goat's Milk, Goat Yogurt, Kefir, IPA Fruits and organic Vegetables, Breads/Baked Goods and more. (more...)

Old Quarter Farm

  Lottsburg, VA    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

We raise two types of purebred sheep at Old Quarter Farm -- Tunis and Texel. While both of these breeds are classified as meat breeds, the Texel is known for its superior muscularity. Both breeds are excellent at what they do; that is, produce a tender, mild, delicious flavored meat. (more...)