Wyandotte chicken

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This beautiful, medium-sized, rose-combed bird was developed in the 1880s.  It is described as a "bird of curves" because it??s loose, white feathering is defined by an outline of chocolate-brown color feather tips, which produce a swirling effect.  The bird is full breasted and has a broad back, with females weighing 6 ½ pounds and males 8 ½.  The breed is named after the Wyandotte American Indian tribe of the Iroquois Nation.  Undersized individuals, narrow backs and relatively poor hatches are all characteristics of this breed.  Consequently, very few farmers bred the Wyandotte c

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Featherstone Farm

  Burlington, ON

Featherstone Farm Andrew and Michelle Macdonald run a mixed ecological farm nestled in the hamlet of Lowville, Burlington. Having moved from their first farm in nassagewaya township last fall, they are still in the process of developing their farm systems to the fullest potential, but are always hard at work making things better. (more...)

Falling Sky Farms

  Santa Rosa, CA

Falling Sky Farms sustainably cultivates heritage breed animals and heirloom produce in order to promote biodiversity and local, healthy foods. Free range/grazing beef, swine, lamb, goats and poultry produce the finest tasting meats and eggs. Farm tours are available by appointment only.(more...)

Faith Like a Mustard Seed Farm

  Leesburg, VA    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Faith like a Mustard Seed Farm is a family owned sustainably managed farm in Lucketts, VA. We pasture raise heritage Large Black and Berkshire hogs and heritage GMO-free laying hens and operate a small cow share program with free range rose veal. (more...)

Fair View Meadow Farm

  Wellington, OH

Fair View Meadow Farm is a small family farm in southern Lorain County. Part of the farm name, 'Fair View', was chosen as our property is adjacent to the Lorain County Fairgrounds. We can see the fairgrounds from our property through the fence row. 'Meadow' was added to finish out the name because we are a grass-based farm. (more...)

Evensong Farm

  Sharpsburg, MD

Evensong Farm is located in Sharpsburg, Maryland adjacent to the Antietam National Battlefield. This is a diversified farm with herbs, eggs, chicken, pork and beef. All herbs and produce are grown using authentic, naturally grown methods. All of our animals are raised humanely on pastures and our cattle are 100% grass fed. (more...)

Ellis Acres

  Morrice, MI    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

We are a young upstart farm just outside of the state capital specializing in organically grown (uncertified) produce eggs and maple syrup. Our chickens spend their entire day on pasture picking and pecking on whatever suits their appetite. (more...)