Wyandotte chicken

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This beautiful, medium-sized, rose-combed bird was developed in the 1880s.  It is described as a "bird of curves" because it??s loose, white feathering is defined by an outline of chocolate-brown color feather tips, which produce a swirling effect.  The bird is full breasted and has a broad back, with females weighing 6 ½ pounds and males 8 ½.  The breed is named after the Wyandotte American Indian tribe of the Iroquois Nation.  Undersized individuals, narrow backs and relatively poor hatches are all characteristics of this breed.  Consequently, very few farmers bred the Wyandotte c

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Borrowed Thyme Farm and Rabbitry

  New Egypt, NJ

We are a small free range, family farm located in New Egypt, NJ. Our farm has heritage breeds of chickens, ducks and rabbits. Currently the chickens we have are Rhode Island Red, Buff Orpington, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Black Austrolorp, Golden Laced Wyandotte, Dominques and Welsummer. (more...)

Blueberry Acres Farm

  Washburn, MO

Hey-thanks for checking us out! We are a small family owned/run farm in southern Missouri near the MO/AR border. We started Blueberry Acres Farm a few years ago when we decided to make the journey from "big city living" to a more bucolic life in the country. (more...)

Blue House Farm

  North Hero, VT

Small family homestead raising Saanen dairy goats, fullblood and percentage SA Boer and Kiko goats, heritage breed chickens and turkeys. Raw goat milk available, eggs, and coming in 2010, chevon/cabrito (goat meat). Cheesemaking ingredients also available.(more...)

Blue Door Farm

  Portland, OR

We are a queer urban farm on a half-acre in Portland. Blue Door Farm operates under organic-method and permaculture standards as much as possible. We are conscientiously non-certified. (more...)

Bloomfield Farm

  Charlotte, VT

Bloomfield farmers, Tanya and Matthew are committed to: growing healthy food using organic methods raising happy pastured animals creating a small-scale, diversified farm caring for and managing the land responsibly earning a livelihood from farming, our primary vocation (more...)

Big Mamou Organic Farm

  Branchport, NY

Big Mamou Certified Organic Farm is located in the heart of the beautiful Finger Lakes. We raise Hereford and Angus Beef Cattle, Heritage Laying Hens, Heritage Ducks, Lamb and Pastured Meat Chickens. Our Farm Store is open SATURDAYS 10am - 4pm. (more...)