Hopi Mottled Lima bean

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Undoubtedly the most delicious Lima beans in North America, these heirloom varieties came into the Southwest around 1000 AD. Although known in farming literature since the 1930??s as the Hopi lima beans, these were once cultivated by at least eight Southwestern cultures, including Pimas and Anglos from the 1930s through the 1980s. Other than being grown by some heirloom seed gardeners on a small scale, these beans are now farmed almost exclusively on the Hopi reservation. The beans are eaten ceremonially as sprouts in underground kivas by initiated clan members, or the dried seeds are boiled and bake

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Fox-Murray Farm

  Middletown, DE

Single family farmette--growing our own fruit and vegetables using SPiN Farming and biodynamic methods.(more...)

Faucette Farm

  Brown Summit, NC

On our farm we raise a wide variety of vegetables. We have been certified organic since 2007. We also have certified strawberries, which we hope will be ready in April. We are very excited about the upcoming season.. Our customers come to our farm to buy, but we like them to leave as friends. (more...)