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This tall, aquatic grass has long blades that grow best in the shallow waters of the Great Lakes region of the US (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio). Wild rice is the only grain native to North America and comes in a myriad of colors in the darker hues - green, tan, brown. The Anishinaabeg Indians, who traditionally harvest the grass from canoes, call it Manoomin ("the good grain"). The beauty of manoomin is its easy cultivation, as the rice grows naturally, with no need to be planted or tended, and provides a bountiful harvest that can be stored through the winter.

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Deer River Wild Rice, Inc.

  Deer River, MN

E. Hwy. 2. Open Mon-Fri, 8am-3pm. Wild rice.(more...)

Caribou Cream, Inc.

  Lutsen, MN

Caribou Cream. 558 Caribou Trail, Lutsen. Come and see how maple syrup is made. Our sugar house is located right off the Caribou Trail in Lutsen. Maple syrup and other maple related items for sale as well as hand harvested wild rice. Pancake breakfasts available for groups of 10-30 with prior arrangements. Open daily, May-Dec 9am - 4pm. (more...)

Blueberry Patch, The

  Gilbert, MN

Go 2.5 miles east of Gilbert on State Hwy 135. Then go 5 1/2 miles south on Cty Hwy 20. Look for our sign. We have pick-your-own blueberries. Hand harvested wild rice is also available. Supervised children are welcome. Please bring your own blueberry pails. Berry farming since 1986. Steven & Wanda Lerol. (more...)

Bishop Farms & Agri Development LLC

  Bend, OR    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Bishop Farms is family owned and operated. We are dedicated to Sustainable Farming practices and Naturally grown livestock, no antibiotics, grass fed with heritage crop varieties. Genetic modification (GMO), chemicals and artificial fertilizer is not allowed on our farm land. (more...)

Azure Dandelion

  Alton, MO

We are a family run farm located in the Southern Missouri / Northern Arkansas area. Our area of the country is rich in heritage. People of the Ozarks are known for Folk Art and creating things out of necessity. Gardening is also something done in this area out of necessity. Our art and farm are our only means of support for our family. (more...)