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The Royal Palm is a strikingly attractive and small-sized turkey variety. The first birds in America to have the Palm color pattern appeared in a mixed flock of Black, Bronze, Narragansett, and Wild turkeys in Florida in the 1920s. Further selection has been made since then to stabilize the consistency of color and other characteristics. Royal Palms are active, thrifty turkeys, excellent foragers, and good flyers. Standard weights are 16 pounds for young toms and 10 pounds for young hens. The Royal Palm has a role to play on small farms, for home production of meat or where its ability to control insect pests would be of value.

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Southpaw Farm Heritage Breed Turkeys

  Lincolnton, NC

We raise Royal Palm, Bronze, and Black Spanish Turkeys for meat production. All of our flocks are NPIP certified annually and checked for Avian Influenza quarterly. Our flocks are pasture raised with access to everything they would find in a natural environment. We strive to treat our flocks with the best humane conditions and treatment possible. (more...)


  Nauvoo, AL

Custom growing CSA type farm; slow money, slow food; heritage breeds. We're offering farm shares to serve food choices with produce, meats (USDA small butcher processed), eggs and possibly other items as they mature - nuts, berries, fruit trees. Ground floor, initial people have option to renew. (more...)

Roman's Natural Farm

  Luther, MI

We are a small sustainable farm in Northern Michigan. We do not use any medications, growth hormones or additives. We raise chickens, guineas, heritage turkeys and ducks.(more...)

Riverview Farm Dairy Sheep

  Byrnes Mill, MO

Riverview Farm Dairy Sheep is endeavoring to deliver the all around family sheep to families that desire to raise their own multi-use sheep for their family needs. This sheep provides fine wool for the hand spinner, milk for converting to lovely cheeses, and delicately flavored meat for the home table. (more...)

Rivendel Farms

  Cadiz, KY

We raise Heritage breeds of livestock, not only because they taste better, but by creating a market for the heritage breeds we are saving an endangered animal from becoming extinct. In our gardens and fields we grow open pollinated and heirloom vegetables with the same great values and pride that our fore fathers did.(more...)

Rising Phoenix Farm

  Morning View, KY

Rising Phoenix Farm is a family run farm and have dedicated ourselves to raising heritage breeds, some of which are rare and critcially endangered. We currently are raising Randall Cattle, Hog Island Sheep, French Marans chickens, American Bresse Chickens, Royal Palm and Chocolate turkeys. All of our animals are grass fed and pasture raised. (more...)