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The Slate or Blue Slate variety is named for its color, which is solid to ashy blue over the entire body, with or without a few black flecks. It is also called the Blue or Lavender turkey. The Standard weight for a young tom is 23 pounds and 14 pounds for a young hen. Since, however, the Slate has not been selected for production attributes, including weight gain, in years, many birds may be smaller than the standard. Careful selection for good health, ability to mate naturally, and production attributes will return this variety to its former stature.

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Broken Bow Farm

  Rochester, WA

Located on 5.06 acres in the beautiful Independence Valley about thirty miles south of Olympia, Washington, Broken Bow Farm is dedicated to providing locally grown, healthily raised meat while building relationships that foster a vibrant and economically robust community. (more...)

Bright Moon Ranch CSA

  London, AR

We are a small farm farm in the river valley area of Arkansas. We raise pork, chickens, lambs, and turkey on pasture. We use intensive rotational grazing, supplement with GMO free feed, and give our animals the best life that we can. We raise heritage breed pigs (mostly Large Black and Berkshires), Katahdin sheep, and heritage breed turkeys. (more...)

Bluebonnet Chicken Ranch

  New Berlin, TX

We are a small hobby farm located near New Berlin, Texas. We raise Appenzeller Spitzhaubens, Heritage Rhode Island Reds, Guinea Fowl & Heritage Turkeys. We are located on an idyllic creek where our birds are free ranged and supplemented with a locally sourced no soy, NON-GMO feed! Our birds provide us with many bounties to sell. (more...)

Blueberry Acres Farm

  Washburn, MO

Hey-thanks for checking us out! We are a small family owned/run farm in southern Missouri near the MO/AR border. We started Blueberry Acres Farm a few years ago when we decided to make the journey from "big city living" to a more bucolic life in the country. (more...)

Blue House Farm

  North Hero, VT

Small family homestead raising Saanen dairy goats, fullblood and percentage SA Boer and Kiko goats, heritage breed chickens and turkeys. Raw goat milk available, eggs, and coming in 2010, chevon/cabrito (goat meat). Cheesemaking ingredients also available.(more...)

Blue Goose Farms

  Surprise, AZ

We are a small scale farm located in surprise. We raise chickens and turkeys on usda certified organic feed and pasture. We do not use any herbicide or pesticide. We do not use any antibiotics, hormones, or any other sort of vaccine on our animals. We have very happy hens who lay beautiful eggs for us. (more...)