Randall cattle

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The Randall or Randall Lineback cow is a purebred remnant of lineback-patterned cattle once common in New England. It was traditionally a multipurpose breed used for both dairy and beef but whose size, docility and willingness also made it a capable draft animal. Despite its origins as a popular breed, it almost entirely disappeared from crossbreeding with Holsteins.

With the efforts of a few conservationists the breed is now coming back from the brink of extinction. Randall beef has an incredibly sweet fragrance and is both tender and flavorful.

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Arcadian Acres

  Shade , OH

Recently finished enough of the web site to publish it. We're still working on it and getting the farm fully restored and operational, we are doing everything we can to save and take over a family farm of over 100 years in Athens county Ohio. (more...)