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This duck breed developed from a pair of wild ducks that a miller found on his pond in 1809. Later, descendents of those birds were brought to Cayuga County, New York, where they quickly gained popularity as table birds and for their ability to lay many eggs. Although it is difficult to clean and prepare due to its dark feathers, the meat is intensely flavorful. Cayuga duck eggs can be used for general eating and baking purposes and the whites are firmer than chicken eggs. The bird was a leading commercial variety until the 1890's, when the Peking duck started to dominate duck markets in big cities. Today, the bird is classified as "threatened" on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy list.

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Conner's A-Maize-Ing Acres

  Hilliard, FL

In the fall, our attractions are: corn maze, hay rides, pumpkin patch (already picked), cow train rides, corn box, corn cannon, slides, farm animals,pedal carts, duck races, gift shop and concession. In the spring we offer u-pick strawberries, herbs, veggies and farm tours by appointment only. (more...)


  Marcellus, NY

Located in Marcellus, New York, on Route 20, where we raise; Chickens for breeding, selling fresh eggs, hatching eggs and day old chicks, Meat Birds (small Cornish hens and roasting birds). Other animals include,Turkeys and Ducks for hatching and sale. French Lop Rabbits for pets and Californian Rabbits for meat. (more...)

Checkered Boer Farm

  Chesterfield, IL

Everything we raise, we do so as naturally as possible and hormone-free. Our goats are rotationally pastured on clover, grasses, and even shrubs and woodlot forages. We raise Boer meat goats, both Registered and Commercial, Full-blood and Percentage. (more...)

Charleston Power Family Garden

  St. Louis, MO

We are a market garden which started as a dream of a family orchard. Growing hard-to-find fruits is our main goal, as well as other produce as time permits. Many of our varieties are still maturing, and we are always expanding the scope of what we grow. The garden is operated on city-owned land that we lease. (more...)

Buster's Chickens

  Rosharon, TX

Our most up to date information can be found on our website at Friend us on facebook - buster's chickens. buster and i have started raising chickens, chicks and eggs. The chickens are free range, penned up only at night for their safety. we have certification from the tvmdl that are flock is clean. (more...)

Bountiful Acres, LLC

  Madison, MO

Our motto is "Natural Foods Grown Naturally!" We are a small family farm (40 acres) specializing in heirloom plants and heritage breeds. We use natural remedies to control weeds, insects and livestock pests. There are no insecticides, no pesticides, no herbicides, no GMO, no growth hormones, no steroids and no antibiotics. (more...)