Cayuga Duck

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This duck breed developed from a pair of wild ducks that a miller found on his pond in 1809. Later, descendents of those birds were brought to Cayuga County, New York, where they quickly gained popularity as table birds and for their ability to lay many eggs. Although it is difficult to clean and prepare due to its dark feathers, the meat is intensely flavorful. Cayuga duck eggs can be used for general eating and baking purposes and the whites are firmer than chicken eggs. The bird was a leading commercial variety until the 1890's, when the Peking duck started to dominate duck markets in big cities. Today, the bird is classified as "threatened" on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy list.

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Pinnacle Pastures

  Ripon, WI

Pinnacle Pastures Farm has been owned and operated by the family for over 60 years. Cody has taken over daily management of the farm which is certified organic. Additional rented acreage is in transition. No corn or soy is fed in poultry or swine diets. Preference is given to heritage breeds of livestock. (more...)

Pine Mountain Homestead

  Pine , CO

Pine. Mountain Homestead is nestled in the small town of Pine, CO at 8,500ft surrounded by serene nature. We thrive off compassionate care for our humanely raised goats, chickens, ducks and rabbits. We feed our herd and flock solely organic, non-GMO grains in addition to their free range forage. (more...)

Picklesnoot Farms

  Chiloquin, OR

Here at Picklesnoot we raise corn free, soy free poultry for both meat and eggs. The broilers are Freedom Rangers raised in Salatin style chicken tractors. The layers (Buff Orpingtons, Barred Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, Black Sexlinks, and Americaunas) enjoy free ranging all day then retreating to the safety of the coop and run at night. (more...)

Old Bluestone Wall Homestead

  Shohola, PA

The Old Bluestone Wall Homestead is a small sustainable farm in Shohola, PA that raises heritage breed animals and heirloom fruits and vegetables in the most natural and organic way possible. We have fresh free-range chicken eggs available. Guinea eggs are available by request and duck eggs will be available this summer. (more...)

Nonesuch Farm

  Conroe, TX

At Nonesuch Farm it is our goal to humanely raise heritage livestock, rare poultry and heirloom vegetables. These animals and plants have unique qualities that make them perfect for the homesteader and farmers using natural methods but seem to be disappearing as factory farming becomes the norm. (more...)

New Dawn Farms

  Kanosh, UT

New Dawn Farms is a family owned and operated Sustainable Farm, located in pristine Central Utah. We strive to farm responsibly, nurturing our soil and keeping our water and air clean by practicing organic agriculture and caring for all our animals lovingly and humanly. (more...)