Boiled Cider and Cider Jelly

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Boiled cider and cider jelly are traditional farmstead products made from the concentration of fresh, unfermented cider. Dating back to the earliest European settlers to this country, they were vital to inland New England farmers as sweeteners. The product is dark like molasses but with the consistency of maple syrup. It has the clear, concentrated apple flavor and a caramelized sweetness balanced by sharp acidity. Despite deep historical roots in rural New England, these products are largely unknown today.

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Windswept Farmstead

  Cedar Grove, WI

We sustainably raise homegrown chicken, Berkshire hogs, and heritage turkeys. We work with a friend to also provide home raised Suffolk lamb. Meat can be purchased by full or half animal. We also offer an incredible omnivore CSA option. (more...)

Wild Branch Botanicals

  Craftsbury , VT

Wild Branch Botanicals is the newest part of wild branch farm located in the northeast kingdom of Vermont. We grow certified organic medicinal mushrooms, vegetables, and medicinal herbs here in one of the coldest parts of the state. (more...)

Wayland Chiles

  Wayland, MA    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Wayland Chiles is a small family run farm specializing in chiles. We sell the chiles fresh or dried. We make our own chipotle, chile powder, salsa and hot sauce. We also sell seeds for select chiles that we have grown in isolation to ensure the the purity of the chile strain.(more...)

Understory Farm and Orchard llc

  Bangor, MI

Understory Farm: We are young farmers entering our third year at our 20 acre, sustainable, fruit and vegetable farm. Our farm is situated in the understory of a mature apple and cherry orchard in Southwest Michigan's fruit-belt. (more...)

Sweetland Orchard

  Webster, MN

Celebrating the apple in all its forms: crispy & fresh, pressed into sweet cider & fermented into hard cider. Our 49 apple varieties include Honeycrisp, Haralson, Golden Russet & Greening. We press cider at the orchard & sell it raw. Our five varieties of hard cider range from dry to slightly sweet. (more...)

Seasons Eatings Farm

  Talmadge, ME

Seasons Eatings Farm is an old farm with a new focus and name. Seasons Eatings reflects what we specialize in - seasonal eating. We have fresh greens from mid-winter to a few days before the first day of winter. (more...)