Gallberry Honey

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Gallberry honey is sourced from a small evergreen holly bush (also known as inkberry) that grows along the South Atlantic and Gulf Coast and produces a unique honey that is popular throughout the piney woods and swamps of southeast Florida. It is desirable for its rich, elegant taste and thick, wine-like quality. High in pollen and enzymes, it is also known locally for its medicinal properties and as a preventative measure against allergies.

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Brownsville Farmers Market at Jesse Trice Community Health Center

  Miami, FL

Liberty City Farmers' Market ! All locally grown produce, some farmers on-site, the rest being handled by Urban Oasis Project Volunteers! Great selection. Mostly organic or sustainable (uncertified organic), and some conventional produce from the Homestead Pole Bean Cooperative and others. EBT benefits matched for the first $10 spent! (more...)

Boynton Beach Community Farmers Market

  Boynton Beach, FL

Sponsored by the Boynton Beach CRA in conjunction with Community Farmers Markets of South Florida. 25-30 local artisinal food and produce vendors, along with a sprinkling of local crat artisans. (more...)

Basic Honey

  Pukwana, SD

We are a small family owned operation based out of the beautiful fields of Pukwana, South Dakota. Our operation consists of a single honey house but our bees roam freely over five neighboring counties. Our honey is completely raw and is harvested only three times a year. (more...)