Early Blood Turnip-rooted beet

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This is one of the oldest surviving varieties of table beet, originally introduced in America around 1820. The beet has very dark, violet-red flesh with striking lighter rings. The dark red flesh remains flavorful, tender and juicy even when the beets grow large. Eaten raw the beet has an apple-like, slightly astringent flavor with a rich, earthy finish. The beet is good both boiled and baked and the leaves are an excellent cooked green. It is a superb winter storage variety, keeping well in root cellar storage for 8 months or more. Variable rate of maturity may make this beet less desirable for commercial harvest (and this may explain its disappearance from seed catalogs in the latter 20th century), however this characteristic is a plus for the small farmer and home gardener.

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Blue Rock Station

  Philo, OH

Blue Rock Station is a sustainable living farm located in southeast Ohio. Thousands of visitors have toured the farm since it was opened to the public in 2005. Programs include natural health care for goats, cheese making, natural gardening with raised beds, alternative building construction (rammed-earth tires and straw bale), and more. (more...)

Argos Farm

  Forked River, NJ

Argos Farm is a 97 acre family run farm. For our CSA, we grow a large variety of vegetables and herbs for the local community. We start with GMO-free, organic seeds and our goal is to use no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Our highest value is sustainability which we achieve through careful consideration of resources and reusing materials. (more...)

America's Farmstand

  Stonington, CT

America's Farmstand is a family owned company dedicated to providing consumers with a direct link to the source of their food production. America's Farmstand offers its customers unprecedented access to family farms across the country that grow and produce some of the world's freshest foods. (more...)

Against the Grain Farm

  New Castle, DE

Against the Grain Farm's goal is to provide fresh, quality food grown in a sustainable and natural manner. We recognize that we have an obligation to our community, customers and employees to be responsible stewards of the land.(more...)

Adam's Heirlooms

  Midvale, UT    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Adam's Heirlooms Grows 100% Heirloom & Antique Varieties of Fruits & Vegetables Most of our produce varieties are dated prior to 1900. This means you are getting a true Taste of History when you buy from Adam's Heirlooms. (more...)

Abundance Acres Farm

  Fort Plain, NY

Abundance Acres Farm is about creating the life we want to live, raising the food we want to eat, and sharing our experiences with others. We purchased a former Amish dairy farm in June 2014 and seek that zone between the Amish (what we might call slow, old-fashioned, or simple) and what they call English (fast, modern, or overly complicated). (more...)