Gilfeather Turnip

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The Gilfeather is an egg-shaped, rough-skinned root, but unlike its cousins, it has a mild taste that becomes sweet and a creamy white color after the first frost. While the hardy Gilfeather turnip does well in nearly any climate, a touch of frost contributes to its unusual taste and texture. Developed and named after John Gilfeather from Wardsboro, Vermont, this turnip is one of the state's unique contributions to cold weather agriculture. Mr. Gilfeather carefully guarded his stock to ensure that no one else could propagate the vegetable. However, some seeds slipped by and a few folks have continued to grow the Gilfeather Turnip after Mr. Gilfeather died.

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Aayla's Folly

  Hammond, NY

We are a small family farm specializing in organically grown open-pollinated heirloom / heritage vegetables, fruits, grain, and free range eggs. Because we love our work and still do most of it by hand, we can grow those labor-intensive old-world specialties that commercial growers won't touch. (more...)

AJ Greenleaf

  Cayuga, NY

Providing the local market this sustainably grown and delicious produce, poultry and pork. Expanding long-season (20+week) vegetable CSA will start again in late April. Whole chickens available fresh around Memorial Day and several other times until early fall. Turkeys for Thanksgiving. (more...)

A Fresh and Local CSA

  Shepherdstown, WV    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Local is best, but Fresh AND Local is even better! Biodynamically grown vegetable shares are available for the 2014 season. Details are on our website. (more...)

A Few Good Plants

  El Dorado Springs, MO

We grow heirloom and open pollinated vegetable plants for seed production. All of our crops are grown without any use of chemical inputs. No pesticides (even organic ones) are used on our gardens. We also raise a few varieties of heirloom strawberry, blackberry, and sweet potato plants for sale at local markets.(more...)

47th Avenue Farm

  Portland, OR    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Veggies for Cooks!! We are one of the oldest urban farms in the Portland metro area. Since starting the farm 18 years ago we have been dedicated to growing the highest quality produce possible for our CSA members and award winning local restaurants. Join our CSA and get great tasting healthy produce for your family!! (more...)