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Orson H. Alexander, a researcher from the University of Vermont, first introduced the Green Mountain potato as the answer to the US potato blight of the 1840s. The Green Mountain is a hardy, resistant, late-season variety with a crumbly flesh and sweet meat when baked. For nearly fifty years following its introduction, the Green Mountain potato was one of the most popular baking potatoes in the US. After World War II, however, the smooth-skinned and consistently oval Russet potato gradually won the heart of Americans. Today, only a few farmers and home gardeners grow this notable relic.

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Middle Branch Farm

  New Boston, NH

Middle Branch Farm is a sustainable family farm producing a wide variety of farm goods under organic management practices. Our vegetable production, hayfields and pastures are USDA certified organic by the State of NH. We also raise natural (not certified organic) grass fed beef, lamb, pastured pork and poultry and produce maple syrup.(more...)

Matthews Farm & Greenhouse

  Eighty Four, PA

Our farm is continuing the family farming legacy passed on to us by our parents & grandparents, and by their grandparents before them, by sharing fresh, locally grown farm produce with our community in a manner that respects our families, our community and our environment. (more...)

Madison City Farmers Market

  Madison, AL

Local farmers market featuring Certified Organic, Certified Naturally Grown and conventional local produce and farm products. Each week our vendors bring the freshest local fruits, vegetables, hormone-free range-fed meats, milk, eggs, cheese, honey, homemade jellies, relishes, pies, breads and baked goods. (more...)

Mack Hill Farm

  Kirbyville, MO

We raise Icelandic chickens for breeding stock, with straight run day-old chicks available for pick up or shipping within the continental US. We participate in the National Poultry Improvement Program. We have a limited number of sexed pullets available from June to September. (more...)

Little Red Organics

  Free Soil, MI

Little Red Organics resides on a 20-acre farmstead in Freesoil, Michigan. Our desire to live with purpose, health and honesty inspires not only our livelihood, but also the regard we have for the land, animals and people that make up life on the farm. (more...)

Killdeer Farm

  Norwich, VT

We feature top quality certified organic vegetables and strawberries picked fresh daily, along with annual and perennial plants and flowers.(more...)