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The Lorz Italian Garlic is an heirloom variety from the northwestern part of the US, with a very strong flavor. The Lorz family brought this plant to Washington State's Columbia River Basin in the early 1900s from their home in Italy. Lorz garlic thrives in hot summers, when it grows into garlic with a very bold flavor. The bulb can have anywhere from two to eighteen cream-colored cloves, which are contained within its purple-colored bulb and its thick wrappers. Generally harvested in the mid-season, the Lorz Italian garlic stores well for six to eight months.

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Serenity Farm

  Murrieta, CA

Welcome to Serenity Farm. We are a small Livestock and Produce farm located in the picturesque Santa Rosa Rancho's area of Murrieta. With our higher elevation and unique micro climate we are able to grow produce 3 seasons out of the year and have some unique heirloom varieties that people are coming to love! (more...)

Savoie Organic Farm

  Williamstown, NJ    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

We are a small, family-owned and operated farm that is certified organic by the NJDA. Our land has been in the family since the early 1950's and was previously used as horse pasture. This means we know our land's history going back decades, ensuring no chemical fertilizers/pesticides were ever used. (more...)

SB Farms

  Malone, FL

SB Farms was founded by two guys; Paul who is Greek and I am a LA farmer (lower Alabama that is). SB Farms believes in preserving small farms, all-natural animal husbandry, all-natural crops(garden to row), and homesteading. SB Farms is here to serve our customers. We are transparent in our of our processes here on there farm. (more...)

Rocking Chair Ranch (RCR)

  Willits, CA

Located in a scenic valley in Northern California, the Rocking Chair Ranch is surrounded by tree covered hills, a salmon spawning creek, and abundant wildlife from otters and deer, to eagles, and our resident beaver. We have been CCOF certified organic for 22 years. (more...)

Ramey Hill Garlic Farm

  Vernon Hill, VA

We are a small farm focused on raising heirloom garlic. We do not use any artificial pesticides or fertilizers. Every year we test new varieties to find the best tasting garlic. We sell both food grade garlic and seed grade garlic for planting. Our gourmet garlic is hand planted in raised beds and is mulched with compost and leaves. (more...)

Purple Maize Farm

  Dowelltown, TN    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Our farm specializes in outrageously delicious, unusually colored open pollinated vegetables! Your investment in our Community Supported Agriculture program buys the seeds and pays the bills. A weekly supply of fresh, beautiful produce is your return. We offer only one size share at $20 per week. (more...)