American Artesanal Cider

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Artisanal Cider is an alcoholic drink that has been fermented from 100% freshly expelled apple juice. The apples used have been sourced from the same geographic region where the cider is produced. This simple, pure process results in a delicious beverage that contains no preservative agents, except the addition of sulfur dioxide in the fermentation process. Cider has a long history in the US, dating back to the 17th century, when European settlers began importing cultivated varieties of cider apples. Today, a handful of artisan producers are experimenting and working to reinvent classic cider-making techniques.

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New Day Meadery

  Elwood, IN

New Day Meadery offers a distinctive selection of limited edition, small-batch meads and artisanal hard cider created from the finest fresh fruit and raw honey Indiana has to offer. (more...)

Midway Farms

  Albany/Corvallis, OR

Midway Farms has a organic, free-range all natural local Family Farm Stand. We have certified organic & no-spray seasonal fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs (cut and planted), jams, jellies, seasoned salts, gluten-free goodies, milk, eggs, cheese, chocolate, gifts and more. (more...)

Kretschmann Farm CSA

  Pittsburgh, PA    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Pittsburgh's original organic farmers. For over 40 years we have provided the very widest variety of organic vegetables and fruits to families, stores, and institutions in the region. On our family farm, it's the real deal--no middlemen. (more...)

Granger Farmers Market

  Granger, IN    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

We are small and mighty with a big variety. We are the opposite of other markets; we are small, independently owned and have no debt. As a result we rely solely on vendor and advertising fees. The money that supports our market comes with a name and face. Every dollar that comes in is a conscious decision to support the Granger Farmers Market. (more...)

Four Eagles Farm

  Montague, CA

Small, brand new farm, experienced owner in biodynamics and traditional ceremony for raising health and help in the community. Animal skills(farrier, shearer), recycling and alternative lifestyles for the common person. Local sales/services only, no credit cards, wholesale, or mass marketing. (more...)

Flag Hill Farm

  Vershire, VT

Located in the foorhills of the Green Mountains of Vermont, Flag Hill Farm hss a small organic orchard from which we make organic hard ciders and brandies.(more...)