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Shrub, a colonial-age drink (from the Arabic sharabâ??" to drink"), is a concentrated syrup made from fruit, vinegar and sugar, usually mixed with tonic or soda water. In the nineteenth-century, the drink was often spiked with brandy or rum. Though ubiquitous in colonial times, the use of shrubs as a flavoring subsided with the increasing industrial production of foods. The entire shrub market was practically halted until the Tait family in Pennsylvania revived the drink. In addition to being available for commercial sale by the Tait's, shrub is also served at establishments that stress historical connections to colonial times, like Williamsburg, Virginia, and City Tavern in Philadelphi

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Four Eagles Farm

  Montague, CA

Small, brand new farm, experienced owner in biodynamics and traditional ceremony for raising health and help in the community. Animal skills(farrier, shearer), recycling and alternative lifestyles for the common person. Local sales/services only, no credit cards, wholesale, or mass marketing. (more...)

Fernbrook Farm CSA

  Chesterfield, NJ

Hello and welcome to Fernbrook Farm CSA! We are located on the grounds of Fernbrook Farms - a 300 acre family-owned and operated farm featuring a wholesale tree nursery, historic bed and breakfast and education center in addition to the CSA. The farm is located in Chesterfield, NJ about 10 miles south of Trenton. (more...)

Cornerstone Permaculture

  Marshfield, VT

Our Cornerstone members have been Teaching, Studying & Practicing Permaculture in Vermont and throughout New England for nearly a decade. (more...)

Buena Vista Specialty Plants & Foods

  Rockbridge, OH

Providing exotic woodland plants and mushrooms to our friends and family for over 20 years. (more...)

Blackbroom Farm

  Gaston, OR

Blackbroom Farm is a small family farm at the top of a hill in winery-laden Yamhill County. We raise Saanen goats for milk, as pack animals, and occasionally for dinner. The farm is also home to a quartet of sheep who keep our grass mowed, as well as chickens, and turkeys. And of course, a large garden keeps us busy and well-fed year round. (more...)

Bean Tree Farm

  Tucson, AZ

Bean Tree Farm is a 20 acre saguaro/ ironwood forest, conservation area and ecological community. We harvest, care for and teach about Sonoran Desert perennial edible plants, herbs, passive solar natural building, permaculture and more. We hold a bi-monthly farmstand, and a CSP (community supported permaculture). (more...)