Traditional Sorghum syrup

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In 1853, sweet sorghumâ??a native African grassâ??was introduced to the US with the hopes of reducing reliance on imported cane sugars. This drought-resistant, heat tolerant member of the grass family is grown today in 26 states in the southeast. Sorghum syrup is a natural sweetener derived from the juice that is extracted from the sorghum cane. The juice is cleansed of impurities and concentrated by evaporation into a clear, amber-colored and mild-flavored syrup. Similar to traditional molasses, sorghum syrup is a liquid that can be served for use on hot cereal, pancakes, and waffles and it also makes a wonderful sweetener for baked goods. Sorghum syrup has a unique flavor that is slightly bitter yet sweet with an earthy, molasses qual

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LoganBerry Heritage Farm

  Cleveland, GA    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

LoganBerry Heritage Farm is a 60-acre sustainable heritage farm located in the mountains of North Georgia. Stewarded by a fifth-generation granddaughter, LoganBerry is farmed using natural (as in nature) methods. (more...)

Liz and Paul's Farm

  Soldiers Grove, WI

Quality Organic Produce from the Kickapoo Valley We are Liz and Paul Bransky, and children. With help from our friends we grow organic vegetables, organic berries, and organic sorghum on our valley farm, located in the beautiful driftless hills near Gays Mills, Wisconsin. We have been organic farmers since the mid-1980's. (more...)

Lil' Sprouts Farm

  Louisiana, MO

We are a hobby farm whose mission is to grow and teach others how to grow organically and biodynamically. We grow nutritious food for our community to help feed the hungry. We use the organic, biodynamic, and permacultures methods and practices on our farm. We sell under $5,000 in produce thus making organic certification unnecessary. (more...)

Kansas City Food Circle

  Kansas City, MO

FYI KC-AREA FARMERS - The Kansas City Food Circle has an established eList for direct networking via eMail, and a Blogger account which feeds Twitter which feeds Facebook, all to benefit our LOCAL+ORGANIC and LOCAL+FREE-RANGE growers. (more...)

Jones Farm

  Valley Head, AL

A family farm for over 160 years. We have naturally grown vegetables in season, stone ground corn meal, and sorghum syrup, all grown here on the farm.(more...)

Hickory Hill Farm

  Loganville, WI

Hickory Hill Farm is a 4th generation family farm located 2 miles South of Loganville on highway 23, in Sauk County, Wisconsin. (more...)