Aunt Molly's Husk tomato (aka Ground Cherry)

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This heirloom is not actually a cherry, but rather a small ground tomato. The fruits were recorded in horticultural literature as early as 1837 in Pennsylvania and are still common today at roadside stands in late summer. This outstanding Polish variety is prized for its clean flavor, with hints of vanilla and pineapple. Because of their high pectin count, the Ground Cherries can be used for preserves, pies, over ice cream or in fresh fruit salads.

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Farmer Sue

  Bakersfield, VT

I grow my vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers naturally, no chemicals, no sprays, no growth hormones or anything else. I do not use GMO seeds. I believe in heathy foods, heathy soils and that a natural sustainable environment creates the best we can do for our foods, our animals, ourselves and our future. (more...)

Farmer Gord

  Deer Island, OR

Farmer Gord has a permaculture farm called ORO. I am trying to grow food in as natural a way as possible, eliminating much fossil fuel and using permaculture methods instead of fertilizer. I believe "organic" is just the same as conventional without the chemicals. (more...)

Farmer Dave's CSA

  Dracut, MA    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

2015 REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! Farmer Dave's Community Supported Agriculture started in 2007, has expanded over the years and now offers CSA distribution in several communities throughout the Merrimack Valley, North Shore, and Boston area. (more...)

Farm of Plenty at Little Moran


The Farm of Plenty at Little Moran is a community supported farm that grows organic heirloom vegetables. Heirlooms are seed varieties that are over 100 years old. The flavor and nutrient densities are usually much better than what is available today in the traditional grocery store setting. (more...)

Fallen Maple Farm

  Elizabethtown, KY

Our family has had over 25 years of experience growing a wide variety of produce. We have 15 acres devoted to vegetables, flowers, and grains.(more...)

Even Pull Farm

  McMinnville, OR

We are a small, first-generation farm offering high quality, responsibly-grown produce and cut flowers to the Yamhill Valley. We grow what we love to eat, including more than 30 different vegetable crops, from arugula to winter squash. Over 100 varieties in total! (more...)