Blenheim Apricot

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The Blenheim apricot has been grown in the Santa Clara Valley region of California since the early 1900s, when it was one of the most widely planted varieties. The Blenheim is both sweet and tart with an intensely fragrant aroma of honeysuckle, similar to other varieties like the Royal. The Blenheim ripens from the inside out, so it takes longer to mature than most other apricots. The revival of the Blenheim is happening mostly at local farmers markets where long-distance shipping is not a critical issue.

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Chaffin Family Orchards

  Oroville, CA

For over 75 years Chaffin Family Orchards has been producing products naturally and marketing them directly from the farm. (more...)

Black Hen Farm

  Santa Cruz, CA

Want humanely produced eggs? Most hens on our farm are rescued from commercial egg operations or locally from the community and are allowed to live out their full lives. They eat no-soy organic feed and fresh organic produce, can roam in ample outdoor areas, take dust baths, lay in the sun, and catch worms and bugs. (more...)

Berkeley Farmers' Markets

  Berkeley, CA

The Ecology Center operates three certified farmers' markets every week in Berkeley, all year round, rain or shine. We support sustainable agriculture, and more than 60% of the farmers selling at our markets are certified organic. We feature the freshest and tastiest of local fruits and vegetables from California's diverse growing climates. (more...)

B & R Farms, LLC

  Hollister, CA

For 5 generations and 82 years, B & R Farms, LLC has grown and processed Blenheim Apricots...the Cadillac of apricots on our farm in Hollister, California. The Blenheim is the most flavorful variety of dried apricots with a delicious sweet-tart flavor, thin velvety skin and a rich orange color. (more...)

Artisan Preserves

  Forestville, CA

Making the best preserves requires using sustainably grown local fruit that is not frozen or refrigerated and that is processed within a day of attaining ripeness. It is hand-cut and cooked by open kettle method without the addition of pectin, and is prepared in batches that contain no more than 7 pounds of perfectly ripened fruit. (more...)

ApricotKing Orchards

  Hollister, CA

We grow the rare and unique Blenheim apricot. Produced only in a few places in the world, it is the absolutely the best tasting apricot in the world. It's the kind of apricot that drips with flavor & juice. Our apricots are impossible to ship fresh because of their delicate nature. (more...)