Bronx Grape

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The Bronx grape was developed in 1933 as the product of mixing the Concord and the Thompson grapes. The result is a unique fruit with the flavor of the former and the texture of the latter. As the Bronx ripen, they change from tart and green to sweet and pink, with a delicate skin and floral perfume. The Bronx Grapes are one of the most endangered fruits in the country‚??only two mother vines currently exist, both in Northern California

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Bushwick Farmers Market

  Brooklyn, NY

Bushwick Brooklyn is an energetic place and we are an energetic market! Every Wednesday July to November at the Linden-Bushwick Community Garden on the Corner of Linden St. and Broadway in Bushwick, Brooklyn Open 10am - 6pm. Get your fix of fresh local fruits, veggies, breads, juices... plus live cooking demos and tastings! (more...)