Cherokee Purple tomato

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The Cherokee Purple tomato, after years of dormancy, was rediscovered by tomato grower Craig LeHoullier, who reports that it originated with the Cherokee people over a century ago. The Cherokee Purple has a unique dusty rose color, and an extremely sweet flavor with a rich smoky taste. The Cherokee Purple has a refreshing acid, is watery, thick-skinned and earthy with a lingering flavor. The Cherokee Purple plants are very prolific, making this plant a good heirloom for gardeners and farmers.

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Earthwize Farms Co-op CSA

  Aiken, SC

*Currently on break. Restart expected in OCT 2014* Our pesticide-free, Certified Naturally Grown or Organic, family farm and our local co-op farm partners produce 40+ regular and heirloom varieties of delicious, sustainably grown, organic or Certified Naturally Grown foods and locally produced products. (more...)

Earthscape / Full Circle

  Hesperia, MI

2013 Update: We've been getting calls and emails from you all, as well as new families wanting CSA shares this year. Bill and I have decided we need to cut back and take a break from the responsibility of providing CSA shares, and growing so many acres of vegetables. (more...)

Earthkeeper Farm

  Kent City, MI

We grow about 8 acres of Stellar Certified Organic vegetables, fruits, and flowers which are sold at the Rockford and Ada Farmer's Market, through our CSA, and to local restaurants. Everything on the farm is grown using organic and biodynamic practices. (more...)

EarthWinn Farms

  Beaverton, MI

We are a small family farm near Beaverton, Gladwin, Coleman, and Clare, not too far from Midland. We are raising chemical and GMO free vegetables from heritage seeds, many different colors and varieties of tomatoes, peppers, melons, onions, carrots...too many to list! (more...)

Earth Markets, Greenville SC

  Greenville, SC

What is an Earth Market? Earth Markets are farmers' markets that have been established according to guidelines that follow the Slow Food philosophy of Good Clean and Fair. (more...)

Earth Circle Farm

  Lowell, AR

We are a small, urban farm in northwest Arkansas. We strive to be sustainable in all we do. We are not 'certified', but we grow all of our produce organically. What is not grown from our own seed, is grown from heirloom, non-GMO seed and plants. Our laying hens and our broilers are pastured. We plan to add tomato sauce and salsa soon.(more...)