Armstrong-Zita Ranch

Armstrong-Zita Ranch is a family owned and operated farm south of Tumwater, WA. We offer lean and tender organic grass-fed beef each summer, taking orders in spring. We have a small herd of Angus-Hereford cattle, born and bred here on our farm, and sustainably rotated on lush pasture. They are never fed hormones or antibiotics. Our cattle have a peaceful life. They all come to their names.

The beef is dry-aged for two weeks for extra tenderness, then professionally cut & wrapped to customers' orders. A quarter beef usually finishes at about 150 lbs of meat and fills about 4 square feet in the freezer. Some customers arrange to share a quarter with friends or family.

When the summer grass is still green and cattle are on the gain, certified professionals do a quick, humane, kosher slaughter without pain or fear, here on the farm. Our cattle never experience the stress of a feedlot or transport to slaughter - they spend their whole lives in familiar pastures. This is part of our commitment to the best treatment of cattle, and the best quality meat.

Hanging weight price is $4.00/lb per quarter. Each quarter has equal shares from front and rear.

Visitors to the farm are welcome by appointment. We also have fresh organic eggs from free range hens ($5/dozen).


Listing last updated on Aug 21, 2014

* Premium organic grass-fed beef * Lean and tender, dry-aged * Delicious, real beef taste * Lower cholesterol, higher good omega-3 * Never given hormones, antibiotics, wormers - naturally healthy cattle * Humanely raised with dignity and care * Sustainable pasture rotation * Wintered on high-quality local organic hay * Cut & wrapped to your orders by USDA-certified local butcher

Beef, organic, grass-fed - reserve quarter in spring by email
Organic eggs from pastured hens

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