Arthritis & Joint Pain Tea

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Arthritis & Joint Pain Tea

There are many forms of painful arthritis and this tea is another weapon to add to your arsenal for pain relief.

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How is our arthritis tea different?

Our tea contains celery seed which helps balance acidity in the body and has long been used to treat severe cases of arthritis. Celery is a natural source of organic sodium which is needed to help joints and increases urine flow.

Dandelion increases flow of bile from the liver and is an excellent source of potassium and Vitamin A.

Devil's Claw has been found to be effective in some cases of arthritis due to a glycoside that reduces inflammation of the joints, and also helps remove toxins from the system.

Feverfew is a natural and mild pain reliever, and Spearmint was thrown in just to make it taste good!

Complimentary Owens Acres Product: Arnica Salve

One bag is approximately 1 oz. and will make 8 to 10 single servings.

One pound size = 130 cups @ 18 cents each!

Laura Owens is a Certified Master Herbalist - Owens Acres is CCOF Certified Organic!

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