Artisan Rolags

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Artisan Rolags

Our Rolags are created similar to an Artistic Painter who paints a canvas of color, and style. We paint the canvas with fiber.

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Choose your choice of colors: Natural Red Blue Yellow Pink Black Brown Purple Rainbow Custom pick 3 colors.

What is a Rolag? For spinning of woolen yarns, a rolag is used. This roll of fiber is first created by carding the fiber then gently rolling the fibers off the card cloth. If prepared correctly, a rolag should be uniform and fibers evenly distributed. Rolags are made from fiber, most fiber comes from animals or plants.

What fibers we do not grow ourselves, we strive to attain locally and regionally. Some fibers are harder to obtain locally/regionally, some must be obtained across seas but for these fibers, we look for womens co-ops(helping women in other countries feed their families and gain independence), small family farms, and community co-ops.

For ALL animal fibers: We check to make sure all the animals are loved and properly cared for to ensure excellent quality of fiber, enriched quality of life and are humanely sheared.

Once we recieve the RAW fiber: The fleece is then skirted (removal of belly wool, undesirables), then hand picked to remove vegetable matter, then washed and sometimes washed multiple times. Then some of the fleeces will be dyed. (We work with a local all natural plant dye as much as possible.) After the fibers are washed again, its time to have the fun of creating mixs/blends by carding or combing the fibers. A lot of work and love went into every single rolag that you purchase here from us. Thank you!

We would like you, the consumer, to have the confidence in our products. All our products come from either our farm or small fiber farms with the exception of our silks. These are purchased from Womens Coop in India. A group of poverty struck women who recycle silk from sari's. Thus helping to put food on the table for them and their children. All other fibers are small family farm grown. \r\nOur yarns and handmade items are handspun and hand dyed by us or by a member of our spinners group. These members receive a CSA like portion of fiber (keeping a % of the fibers) which theycreatively spin the other fibers into OOAK yarns. This is a wonderful way to help spinners explorer their inner thread!\r\nWe are very proud to provide you with quality products you can trust and enjoy without the guilt!

100% off grid, no service on the farm. Please expect up to 4 business days for a response.