Artisanal Goat Chevre SAVORY2 16.5 ozs.

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Artisanal Goat Chevre SAVORY2  16.5 ozs.

Kalamata Olive, Dill and Natural. Spreadable chevres in (3) 5.5oz in BIODEGRADABLE containers. Shipping Incl.

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 Box of 3 16.5 oz.$34.00

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Here, we offer a box of three chevres: Kalamata Olive, Dill, Natural for $34

Kalamata Olive - Greece grows the finest olives and we mix them into the garlic chevre base - very uplifting! Dance anyone?

Dill - Says it all. The Ultimate of Herbs; our chevre rolled in flavorful Dill.

Natural - only sea salt is added

The set of 3 for $34 The chevre comes to you in an FDA approved BIODEGRADABLE containers and leaves the farm fresh.

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Our cheese room at Night Sky Farm produces a variety of fresh cheese from a feta in sea salt brine to numerous flavors of chevre, the French term for goat cheese. Night Sky Farm chevre is a creamy, smooth, spreadable goat cheese suitable for any occasion. Organic fresh and dried herbs, as well as nuts and fruit flavor our chevre and we proudly offer a specialty chevre every 3 months.

We are located in picturesque central Virginia, part of a rural, agriculturally based community. We are the only goat dairy. Most all of what is used in the making of our farmstead cheese comes from either our farm or from the local area. Through this, we try to keep our money at home where it is needed, supporting the local economy.

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