Asparagus Bean Seeds-Green Pod Red-Organic

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Asparagus Bean Seeds-Green Pod Red-Organic

Beans over a foot long! Always reliable and trouble-free, an excellent home garden variety.

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USDA Certified Organic. >75 days. [Pre-1860] Light green pods, slightly smaller than 'Green Pod Black Seed'. Seeds maroon-brown with darker brown streaks. Always a reliable, trouble-free variety that is an excellent home garden variety. CULTURE: Asparagus beans are easily grown, produce heavily, harvest easily, thrive in hot weather, are slightly more resistant to drought than snap beans and are tolerant of a wide range of soils. Grow in the same manner as pole beans or along a trellis, 8" apart, 1" deep. Sow in June and make two or three successive plantings about three weeks apart for a steady supply. HARVEST: Harvest when pods reach 12-15", before the seeds fill the pods. The mature beans may be threshed or shelled from the pods and cooked in the same fashion as dried beans. Their flavor is like southern peas but with a drier, nutty quality. Young leaves and stems are also edible. FLAVOR: Sweet and mild resembling the combined flavor of asparagus, mushrooms, and beans. SERVING SUGGESTION: Braid or tie into knots before cooking. SEED SAVERS: Isolate from cowpeas and other varieties of asparagus beans by 150 feet. PACKET: 7 gm (46 to 55 seeds, depending on variety) sows 20'.

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