Pure, 100% Kona coffee from ATHENA of HAWAII offers a traditional product from an authentic Hawaiian family farm. All of their coffee cherries are handpicked, wet-processed and fermented, slowly sun-dried and stored as parchment to preserve freshness. The 2,500 shade grown coffee trees, most of them 100 years old or older, are free of pesticides, herbicides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The end results are presented in upscale, handmade kapa pouches and elegant wooden boxes.

Owners Joachim and Demetria Oster say that drinking a cup of 100 percent Kona coffee from their Big Island farm goes beyond just sipping a cup of joe. Their coffee products provide an authentic Hawaiian culinary experience as well as a glimpse into Hawaiis culture and history.

'World-renowned, 100% Kona coffee can easily be considered the United States premier food product.' says Joachim. 'As the French celebrate events and happy moments with their champagne, we see more and more Americans realizing that, with 100% Kona coffee, national & local pride never tasted so good.'

Emphasizing the quality of their products, Demetria adds: 'Single-origin, single Kona estate coffee is what our customers demand. From sustainable cultivation and harvest to processing, storing and shipping until it reaches the person who drinks our coffee, every step is under our strict supervision: no middlemen, no delegated responsibilities, no one else to blame if something goes wrong.'

ATHENA of HAWAII was founded in 2004 and is named after a real Hawaiian girl, Joachim and Demetrias daughter, who helps out on the farm on weekends and after her homework is done.

Always inspected and certified by the USDA, this coffee was awarded with the prestigious 'Hawaii Seal of Quality' as the only single estate Kona coffee so far by the Hawaiian government.


Listing last updated on Feb 20, 2012

100% Kona coffee with a low acidity, yet rich, smooth flavor. Mellow, aromatic body with some spicy notes. Hints of chocolate. Citrusy, sweet aftertaste. Easy on your tummy and your nerves.

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