Audrey Appleseed Acres

We are a farm that is growing vegetables of various kinds. If you are interested in a particular vegetable - let us know! We don't use chemicals to grow our crops, but rather use horse manure to fertilize. We have been growing at a small scale for the last 5 years and now we are expanding our operation. We are looking for those who want the best tasting and healthy food. We are also looking for those who would like to be involved with the growing process. This can be at any stage and we will work with you to give you vegetables in exchange for your efforts at our farm. We feel that being involved with your food is a great life lesson and worthwhile for anyone. If you would prefer to just enjoy our products, we certainly welcome you and please contact us for any of your needs.

Listing last updated on Aug 14, 2009

We have planted for the 2009 season. The first of our commercial crop is now in as of May 25.. This includes 3 varieties of tomatoes - Yellow low acid, Romano. We also have cantelope, watermelon, pumpkin, cucumber and 4 varieties of Spquash: Zuchini, Butternut, Acorn, and Spagehetti. We have planted 2 varieties of corn. All of these were fertilized with Horse Manuare.

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