Autumn Acres is a beautiful little farm in the San Gabriel Mountains of southern California. We have Nubian and Toggenburg goats and even a couple of Nubian/Togg crosses born in December of '09. Our own family enjoys about six gallons of fresh milk every week. We have just started making ricotta cheese and look forward to trying our hand at yogurt, other cheeses, and even soap. We care for all of our animals in the most natural ways. They forage throughout the day and are fed organic hay and plenty of organic herbs once in the morning and once at night. The limited amount of grain that they eat will soon be organic also. We have added a water filtering system and have seen a seen a signifigant difference in the amount of water that they drink and in the amount of milk produced. We also have a variety of chicken breeds; a few of which are javas, cochins, and barred orphingtons. We and our children care deeply for our 'extended family' . We know that what they consume, we consume. Therefore, we stand by an 'open farm' policy; If you want to come by and see our little homestead you are more than welcome to. We currently have available a limited supply of milk for 'pet consumption' and will soon have cheese, eggs, herbs, and vegetables.


Listing last updated on Jun 26, 2010

Raw goats milk for 'pet consmption'. Dairy goats cared for as close to nature as possible.

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