Avalon is a small family farm in Cabell County, WV. We use sustainable, natural practices that works in harmony with nature while producing high quality, delicious and nutritious food. There are no Anti-biotics, Steroids, Hormones (ASH), pesticides or other chemicles in our products. We produce no waste, but we compost everything back to build soil fertility. We process your poultry directly on the farm for the highest quality control on the food we have taken great care to produce.

Since we have nothing to hide in our production methods, we encourage you to come out for a visit or tour. We offer our products for sale Direct-to-Consumer from the farm and through the Wild Ramp Market at Heritage Station in Huntington, WV. We are also members of the 30 Mile Meal Program and looking forward to work with our restaurant partners to provide this great food at your favorite local restaurant.

We are constantly expanding as we grow and looking for new opportunities to provide good food to you. Just ask and we will plan it into our operation.


Listing last updated on Aug 28, 2013

We currently raise poultry broilers, layers and pigs on pasture. Broilers are available from around June to October, eggs from around February to November and pork throughout the year. We also produce red raspberries around July and will soon add apples. We are working on produce. We harvest managed crops of bamboo shoots, sassafrass roots and wild ramps.

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I have enjoyed your chicken on several occasions. Perfect each time.

Thanks for your hard work!

BethAnn Earl

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