CSA:  Azure B LLC

Operates: January-January

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Heidi Briguglio
(301) 743-2331

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a hiveshare is your invitation to come to our farm throughout the beekeeping season and work with us. many of our most satisfied and successful first year beekeepers have participated in our hiveshare program prior to acquiring their own bees and hive.

support a small farm, get a quality education. catch a swarm, brew up a batch of bee food, visit your favorite ladies, fall in love with an insect in a way you never believed was possible. the entire season of first saturday of the month classes included - for you and your guests!

CSA Details

Season:  January through January

Type:  3rd party CSA service

Full Share:  $200 for the beekeeping year

Work Req?  Yes: 0

Our Drop Offs and Delivery Areas

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Pick Up / Drop Off Points

Azure B LLC  (Sun Wed Thu Fri Sat)
Please make sure you coordinate with us before you head out. We want to be prepared for you to have a fantastic experience in your hive!

Contact: Heidi Briguglio
Phone: 301-743-BEE1
4730 Bicknell Road
Marbury, MD 20658