B&D Poultry Farms

B&D Poultry Farms is a small family owned farm, located in Fauquier County, about 45 min. from Washington D.C. All of our poultry is pasture raised and fed. Our meat CHICKENs are moved out into the field with only a couple weeks of age, feeding on fresh grass and bugs and processed at a young age to provide you and your family with the best tasting, pastured chicken. We use Cornish Cross Chickens (the most popular meat bird) for white meat and Freedom Rangers (a slower growing chicken) for darker meat. All our chickens are pastured during the summer month and barn raised during the cold winter month to protect them from the harsh elements. Our egg layer flock with a variety of different breeds is free ranged out in the field all year around where they feed grass and scratch for bugs. Their healthy diet shows in their dark yellow egg yolks. Depending on the season we offer pastured traditional/heritage TURKEYs as well as Peking/Mallard DUCKs. Starting in late spring 2011 B&D Poultry Farms will also be able to provide our customers with fresh QUAIL eggs (and pickled Quail eggs) as well as gourmet QUAIL for you dinner table. All our poultry is processed on site and sold the same day to guarantee freshness. Our eggs are collected up to twice a day, and are cleaned and packaged on site. Local, fresh and excellent tasting farm produce is our goal and we will try everything to put a smile on every customers face. All our poultry is 100% pasture fed (April-November)

Our products and pricing:

  • Farm fresh eggs: $3.50/dozen
  • (also available: duck eggs for $4.80/dozen)
  • Whole chicken: $3.75/pound
  • Whole duck (Pekin/Mallard): $5.00/pound
  • 2 Whole Duck Breasts (1.5-2lbs): $24
  • Thanksgiving/ Christmas Turkey:
  • Heritage: $100
  • Traditional Broad Breasted:
  • small (15-20lbs): $85
  • medium (21-25lbs): $100
  • large (25+lbs): $125
  • Whole Quail :
  • Cortunix Quail (4-6oz): $14.00 (available in late spring 2011)
  • Texas A&M Quail (7.5-10.5oz): $16.00 (available in late spring 2011)
  • Quail eggs: $7.00/10pack (available in late spring 2011)
  • Pickled Qail eggs (16oz jar): $13.50 (available in late spring 2011)
  • All our poultry is 100% pasture fed (April-November)


    Listing last updated on Jul 23, 2013

    The best and freshest tasting meats and eggs you will find ALL year around. Contact us today to experience the sensational taste of fresh and local farm produce.

    Season:  Year round

    Type:  single farm

    Since:  2009

    # of Shares:  100

    Full Share:  "$68/month" "$18/month" "$780/year"

    1/2 Share:  $390/year

    Work Req?  No

    Schedule and Location:

    Please visit us at our all year around farm market:
    8301 Linton Hall Rd.
    Bristow, VA 20136

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    I haven't bought chickens or turkeys from B& D yet but we have been getting their eggs for the past year and they are great. Good people with actual pastured poultry. Always conscientious. Very reliable.

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