Bacon Avocados

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Bacon Avocados

These smooth skinned avocados are New York's favorites. Late Season Bacons have a creamy bacon taste with a nut-like afterflavor.

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Try the greatest avocado ever invented by Mother Nature. The picture shows a 12 oz. avocado in a woman's hand. This year we are sending out an average around a 1/2 pound per avocado and as we go deeper into the month the sizes will dwindle accordingly.

One box per shipment as we cannot send two order in one box due to the excess weight.

Bacons are elite/preferred for three main reasons: Edible meat has a high percent creamy interior . Also, flavor in the later season is superior to that of Hass, and thirdly, it is truly rare variety. Why is the Bacon rarely seen on shelves since it once was the preferred?

The industry has marketed Hass - plain and simple - because it found it survived refrigeration and travel in deep bins. So major growers switched to Hass. Bacons are preferred as more of a top shelf item because they rarely make it to the marketplace. Bacons allow one to enjoy the avocado flavor without the high calories.

The order is shipped when good for your location. If you live near the east coast we send on Mondays only, if in Chicago, Monday and Tuesday - that way there's 4-5 days for the fruit to arrive without sitting at a UPS hub for the weekend.

WE DO NOT SHIP THIS VIA THE POST OFFICE AS IT will not arrive properly.

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