Hatching Chicken Eggs - Great School Project

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Hatching Chicken Eggs - Great  School Project

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This surprise pack works out to be an INSANE DEAL!

Wow what a deal on this surprise pack mixed breed Fertile Chicken eggs offer. These eggs are a barnyard mix and are not pure breeds. Great chicken eggs for a science fair project.

If you are doing a school project its better to buy more than a dozen eggs as you don't want to disappoint the kids, with more eggs in the incubator the more chicks you will get.

Cooper Maran Eggs are not included in this deal.

About our Fertile Eggs: Our goal is to provide the most fertile chicken eggs that we can. We have 1 rooster to every 5 hens and we change out our flock every two years. Our chickens are feed chicken mash and they are given extra Minerals, Diatomaceous Earth and free range at times.

You should by the 10th day of incubation know if your eggs are valuable by candling your eggs, Eggs should show signs of formation, veins, and at times you may see movement in light colored eggs, if you are not seeing those signs them your eggs might not be any good. Immediately take out all that are showing no signs of development and open them into a bowl and send us the pictures, it is up to ChickenHousesPlus to decide if we will issue a credit on the eggs that are not valuable, again we cannot guarantee your hatch rate. Under no circumstance does this guarantee a credit to your account.

We are proud owners of a small farm in Archer, Florida. We breed Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks, White Leghorns, Golden Comets, Brown Leghorns, Jumbo Cornish Rock, We sell Fertile chicken eggs to schools, research centers, universities and individuals.

Quality Hatching Eggs ships eggs Monday and Tuesday normally but sometimes it may take a little longer.