Bath Herbs for COLD RELIEF

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Bath Herbs for COLD RELIEF


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There is a difference between cold and flu. The common cold is a viral infection. Colds tend to produce runny nose, congestion, sore throat.

My bath tea bags for cold and flu both have different herbs to do their job and help you get well!

Add my bath tea into a running tub of bath water and soak for at least 20 minutes and let these herbs soak into your body. Do not use any other soap or cleansing agents. This is a good bath to take just before going to bed. After your herb soak, towel dry, try not to put anything else on your skin such as lotion, powder so that the herbs can continue to work. Drink some of my Cold Relief herb tea that I sell and hopefully you will be able to sleep and awake feeling better!

Each single tea bag is filled with herbs. Each bath tea has just the right amount of herbs for one bath.

Full tub bath teas (where bath tub is as full of water as can be) are a little bit larger than the sitz bath (where the water goes only as far as the hips) . The sitz bath teas can also be used as foot bath teas.

3 x5 muslin bags can be used 2 or 3 times. Instructions will be included as to how to use them properly.

There are no oils added to my bath herbs , so your bathing experience is free from worry about oil residue and tub clean up, and , slipping and injuring yourself .

Bath bags are tucked inside a pretty bag!

sage, thyme, mint, rosemary

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