Bath Salts For Dermatitis

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Bath Salts For Dermatitis

Enjoy this popular Bath Herb in a pretty decro jar ! No food coloring or oils added!

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Add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of these wonderfully refreshing herbs to your bath to help you forget this lousy day!

Soak in this refreshing herbal bath for 20 minutes or more.

There are no messy oils to contend with to make your bathtub slippery and clog your pluming and, no scrubbing the tub after either! (Having to clean the tub out after a relaxing bath is no fun!) There is also no food coloring added, just Epsom salts and natural, homegrown herbs!

These Bath Herb Salts come in a 24 oz jar (this includes the jar and herbs together).

The herbs in this formula are Epsom salt, sea salt, calendula, lavender and rose petals ALSO AVAILABLE one refill of 15 3/4 ounces in a pretty white bag along with the jar of bath herbs (must buy the whole package of jar of bath herbs AND the separate herbs in a bag.)

Come and visit my store for good old fashion, high quality, fresh teas, bath herbs,and just herbs! I research all my herbs with an eye for safety! NONE of my herb mixtures have side effects! My herb teas tastes good and DO good! My herb bath teas are refreshing for mind and body!

For the most part unless mentioned otherwise, each tea bag will make 2 cups of tea; one ounce of just an herb is about a sandwich bag, and sometimes a little more. If an ounce of herb tea it would be about 1/2 a sandwich bag. If it is a root herb such as burdock root it is heavier, thus an ounce would be about a quarter of a sandwich bag. Comfrey, plantain and nettle leaves would be in a quart size bag.

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