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Woodburn, Oregon

Baumgardner Pickling Company

Baumgardner Pickling Company started with the recipe from our Great Grandmother and was passed down throught family over the years. We grew up helping our Grandmother and Father can dill pickles. Every summer we made dill pickles. It was hard to plan anything, beacause when my father decided it was time to put up the pickles, we everything stopped and we would go to the farm stands and buy the cucumber, dill and garlic. Sometimes we would go to the U pick farms. When we got home we would go to the basement where the cucumbers were dumped into the large wash trays and filled with water where the kids had the job of cleaning the cucumbers and cutting the dill. After the pickles were cured our family would give them to the rest of the family and to friends every year.

After our father retired, Judie (daughter, started to put up the pickles or family and friends who suggested she consider selling the commercially. This was six years ago.

We started out by giving 500 jars away and asked people to give feed back on whether they would buy our pickles if there were on store shelves. 98% said they would buy them. We started by selling a Salem Saturday Market. Roth's Fresh Markets approached us and put us into their stores. The following year we developed a spicy hot dill pickle. This year we have developed dill relish in regular and spicy hot flavors. They will be introduced into the Markets the first part of November.

The pickles are an all-natural product grown in Oregon and fresh packed within 24 hours of harvest. Our dill pickles are now located in stores throughout Oregon, Southern California and Boise, Idaho


Listing last updated on Feb 12, 2009

Baumgardner Pickling Company is family owned and operated. The recipe for our pickles is from a 200 year old recipe passed down from our Great-Grandmother. We have two kinds of dill pickles, regular and spicy hot. We are introducing dill relish into our markets starting in 11/08. We will have a regular and spicy hot dill relish. Our products are all natural and fresh packed within 24 hours of harvest.

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