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Grass-fed, pastured, organic beef is much tastier and healthier than that obtained from less fortunate cows born into the life of factory farming. Michael Pollan, a wonderful best-selling author who usually writes about gardening and nature, wrote a powerful cover story ("Power Steer") on the short, unhappy, unhealthy life of one of these poor cows in the March 31, 2002 issue of the "New York Times" Sunday magazine.

Industrial beef production uses high amounts of antibiotics, hormones, and other nasty chemicals, such as pesticides used to cut down on the number of insects buzzing around manure-filled feedlots. Of particular concern are the antibiotic residues which end up in our food, and which create human disease-microrganisms resistant to most antibiotics. Pastured, free-range animals also lead much better lives and get much more humane treatment than their closely confined cousins.

Grass-fed beef is also leaner than that of obtained from cows imprisoned in feedlots, and is charged with health-giving omega-3 fatty acids.

Many of our member farms are working to bring back Heritage Breeds of Cattle.

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