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Beeswax blocks ideal for use when making salves, creams and lip balms.

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 5 - 1 oz. bee design $8.00  Qty:
 5 - 1 oz. plain blocks $8.00  Qty:
 24 - 1.8 tsp blocks $5.00  Qty:
 24 - 1 tsp beeswax $4.00  Qty:
 1 - 1 oz. bee design $2.00  Qty:
 1 - 1 oz. plain block $2.00  Qty:

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We seel our beeswax in three sizes.

1 oz block - plain or with beeswax design 1.8 tsp block - gum drop shaped 1 tsp block - hexagonal bottom with domed top

Have you tried to make lip balm or a handcream and the recipe calls for 1 tsp of beeswax? This will help you keep your measuring spoons and cups free of beeswax.

This beeswax is produced by honeybees as small flakes that they secrete and then chew into the superstructureof their hive. Most beeswax comes from the cappings that sealed in the honey when it was in the beehive. Other beeswax comes from comb that the bees build in or between frames.

We do not alloy our beeswax. This is 100% beeswax and it will "bloom" over time. Bloom is a white flaky coat that forms on the exterior of beeswax. Bloom can be removed with a hair dryer by blowing warm air on the wax.

Our beeswax is unscented and has the natural wonderful smell of beeswax.

Our honey is produced in Missouri without the use of miticides or antibotics.

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