Belmont Prairie Rocambole Garlic

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Belmont Prairie Rocambole Garlic

Heirloom Rocambole Garlic. More robust flavorful and healthful garlic that had been surviving in the prairie.

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 1 pound Extra Jumbo$16.00

Season: Aug-Nov 

 1 pound Jumbo$14.00

Season: Aug-Nov 

 1 pound Giant$8.00

Season: Aug-Nov 

 1 pound Tube$7.00

Season: Aug-Nov 

 1 pound Medium Tube$5.00

Season: Aug-Nov 

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This variety was found growing wild by me in a prairie near where an old homesite was. The home was long gone as no trace of it remained yet this garlic held on while living amongst the native prairie inhabitants. I was intrigued by the hardy nature of this plant and dug a few up and planted it within my garden. With the extra care it flourished. Once I tasted it I was amazed by its deep rich robust flavor and was hooked on growing this guy.

The juice from the pressed cloves is oily and not at all watery like the ones common in the supermarkets. The oily juice hints at a higher allicin content. Allicin is what has been identified as the main component in garlic's flavor and health properties.

Furthermore I've tested this variety for brix and have found it to score 41's and 42's while the next highest reading from any store bought garlic was a 32 and many others being in the twenties.

This garlic is my personal treasure which I trust for flavor and healthiness. I've grown out my stock and am offering it for sale this year for the first time. Try it, I think you'll get hooked just like I did years ago.

This garlic is sold by the pound. They have been sorted by diameter according to the USDA size classifications.

Extra Jumbo: 2 3/16" - 2 7/16"

Jumbo: 1 15/16"- 2 3/16"

Giant: 1 13/16" - 1 15/16"

Tube: 1 11/16" - 1 12/16"

Medium Tube: 1 9/16" - 1 11/16"