Living Vegetable Foods: Basic Sprouting, Vegetable Fermentation and Raw Vegetable Dishes

The Veggie Queen - Santa Rosa, California

No matter what you choose to eat, including more sprouts and fermented foods can give you a nutritional boost. Sprouts offer fresh and delicious food in your kitchen all year round, from nuts, seeds, beans and grains. Growing fresh food in your kitchen by sprouting grains, beans and seeds is easy. Jill will share the basics of sprouting, showing you a variety of different sprouting options.

Jill will also teach you how to easily make naturally fermented and pickled vegetables. Fermenting vegetables is an art that isnâ?™t easily replicated on a commercial basis, or if it is the products are quite expensive and not so easy to purchase. If fermentation sounds scary think of products such as bread, cheese, beer and wine. Learning how to naturally ferment vegetables as pickles or other fermentations such as kimchi or sauerkraut can change your intestinal health for the better as you have now produced probiotics. Some believe that eating fermented foods also offers protection against certain types of cancer. Fermenting is easy and Jill will show you what you need to know to turn locally grown produce into products that will improve your health and well being. Together we will make the beginning of vegetable fermentations for you to take home and finish.

Date: Mar 3, 2013
Start Time:12:00 PM
End Time:3:00 PM
Organized by:The Veggie Queen
Address: Kitchen on Fire Kitchen
Berkeley, CA 94709
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