Heritage Pork Chops

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Heritage Pork Chops

Customers continue to tell me these are the most flavorful chops they have eaten. Juicy and tender!! 2 chops per package.

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 (6) 12 oz. Bonein Chops $46.95  Qty:
 (6)8 oz. Bone-in Chops $38.95  Qty:
 (4)8 oz. Boneless chops $29.25  Qty:
 (4) 3 oz. boneless $19.20  Qty:

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Whether you grill, pan fry or bake, this chop stays flavorful, juicy and tender, even fully cooked!

Not all pork is the same. Our Berkshire pork is a darker color meat and slightly sweeter in flavor.

Our pork is not injected with solutions to enhance the flavor or extend the shelf life. Berkshire heritage pork does not need it. Try it today, and you will be amazed!

We raise our happy healthy hogs without the use of antibiotics or injections or drugs of any kind. We take a holistic approach to raising our animals, so we can raise them naturally.

All of our chops are packaged 2 per package and flash frozen, to lock in freshness at it's peak. Double wrapped.

SHIPPING costs include a $9 insulated cooler box and the ups charge from our farm to you. So pack the box and save on shipping!

Our smallest box hold up to 2 LB and the largest holds 40 LBS. Use this only as a guideline for shipping.

Our meat is shipped flash frozen and shrink wrapped, to lock in flavor at its peak. This is the best way to purchase pork and chicken when shipping any distance. Place in freeze upon arrival or use within 4 days.

We butcher every other week in the summer and winter months. We never have a large inventory but enough to fill orders, supply a few retail co-ops and enough to take to the farmers market.

We select only the very best animals from our family farm to become Prairie Pride Meat! USDA inspected

All weights are approx. Shipping includes the insulated box, UPS shipping, handling, from the farm on Monday and Tuesday