Berry Hill Farm is owned and operated by the Schrock family. Harold is our farm manager and primary marketer; he is assisted by wife Lydia, parents William and Carolyn and brother Clarence. We are experienced multi-generational farmers: Carolyn's Father was an Organic dairy farmer back in the 1960's. We established a pasture based farm in Indiana in 1998; raising beef, hogs, chickens and turkeys. In 2006 we relocated to Deansboro NY. We brought with us the best of our beef cattle and the knowledge to duplicate our succesful pastered poultry model. Our beef's are 100% forage feed with rotational grazed pastures in the growing season and hay in the winter. We use no antibiotics or growth hormones in our production. Our pigs are raised on pasture in the warmer months and deep bedded packs in the winter. They are fed a wide variety of foods including: Forages, corn, soybeans, oats, potatoes, pumkins and other excess produce. Our layers free range on pasture as weather permits and are loose housed in a greenhouse during winter weather. The broiler chickens and turkeys are raised in pasture shelters moved every day to fresh grass. We grow all of our own chicken feed. We partner with a couple local Amish farms to bring our customers a larger variety of produce. Harold also works with many other local farms providing consulting services and plant nutritional programs to help them grow better food and eliminate pesticides. Our meats are avalable on farm (by apointment) and at the farmers market in Clinton New York. Our eggs are also avalable at Tom's Natural Foods in Clinton, Bagel Grove in Utica and Olde Kountry Market in Vernon.


Listing last updated on Aug 9, 2012

Schedule and Location:

Village Green, Clinton New York
Thursdays 11-5

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I have purchased beef, eggs, chicken, turkey and pork from the Schrock family for 3 years now. Their food is top quality, their animals are grazing the pastures as they were intended too.... [more]

The whole Schrock family are very kind and personable. They raise the best eggs! Meats are also excellent.

The reason for this is that they organically raise and manage almost all of their own inputs; ie, feed for their animals! My oldest son and I got a very clear sense of this when we drove out to pick up our eggs one morning instead of having them delivered.... [more]

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