Berwick Worm Farm and Waste Systems

Berwick, Maine

We are in the worm farming business and have been for four years We sell anything to do with worms, red worms, euro night crawlers,, worm tea,worm castings, worm bins, worm food, worm bedding etc.. We also have a bait shop and a small used fishing tackle shop. We have quite a selection of used and vintage rods,reels , lures, spinner baits, both fresh and saltwater. Now is the time to buy your worms and help clean up the enviroment. Worms will eat your garbage., newspapers, cardboard, veggie scraps and fruit scraps, macoroni, rice, eggshells, lawn clippings and garden waste. Turning this into the best fertilizer. If everybody had some worms think how much the landfill would be reduced. They do not bite and are odorless. If you have an interest in this,please contact as i am thinking about starting a club. We could all share our information and experiences, this will also give the beginners lots of help. By letting worms eat your garbage you will be reducing what goes into your landfill. By reducing what goes into the landfill you are reducing the amount of Methane gas that is given off by your landfill. Methane gas is 12 times more deadly than carbon dioxide. You will also reduce what leaches into your water supply. You can start your seedlings right in worm castings to give your plants and vegetables a jump start.


Listing last updated on Oct 13, 2010

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BERWICK WORM FARM and Waste Systems


Now is the time to use the WORM TEA on your lawn.enjoy the benifits of an organic lawn. An organically treated lawn is more self sufficient than a chemically treated one. Its easier and less expensive over time Help the transition from chemical to organic with frequent applications of worm tea.... [more]

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