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At Beth's Natural Way, our philosophy is that nature grows weeds and we pick them as herbs. Our wild crafted & organic herbs and spices are top quality and are great for teas or cooking. After all, the body cannot heal without the proper food and energy sources to nourish it along the way.

Using precise and gentle drying procedures, we wild craft more than 80 different herbs. Combined with a slow grinding method, we created Beth's Natural Way herbal combinations called Food Sprinklers and are available for those who wish to heal using powdered herbs. And because they are in powdered form, Food Sprinklers are the ideal way to consume healing herbs whether sprinkled directly on food, inserted into vegetable capsules or simply ingested in powdered form with water as a tea. For those who prefer liquids, a variety of Beth's Natural Way Oils and Extracts are also available. In addition, any of our Bulk Herbs or Spices can also be made into enjoyable and healing teas.

Beth's Natural Way was founded and owned by Beth Hill since 1993. Beth is a Natural Health Consultant who conducts individual appointments with clients in addition to group glasses and special events. Her primary goal is to "help people help themselves" through the use of foods, herbs and other methods of healing to bring the body back in balance. Educating and teaching clients to help themselves is always her primary focus.

All consultations include three different energy readings: Kinesiology, Iridology and Allergy Testing. Beth uses her extensive education and training to determine where the body is out of balance and most important: WHY? Herbs, foods, color or sound therapy, healing exercise, etc., are examples of many healing options that a client may utilize.


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Wild Crafted & Organic Herbs, Oils, Extracts and Spices

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