Bice's Quality Critter Ranch LLC

Vesper, Wisconsin
Family Farm

Chapter Leaders for the Weston A Price Foundation and Certifiers for Certified Naturally Grown, we specialize in raising quality pasture raised meats.This is healthier for the environment, people and animals. We feed and finish on grass which has these advantages; more CLA,EFA, beta carotene and lower risk of E.coli.

We raise Galloway beef, haired lambs,Berkshire pork,chickens,ducks, geese, guineas,turkeys,meat goats and dairy goats. Most are heritage breeds.They are organically grown and Certified Naturally Grown.

We treat them with kindness and respect to keep them healthy and happy.We rotationally graze for as long as we can and feed hay in the winter. They aren't confined and can enjoy fresh air and sunshine all year. We have also become a CSA and have joined one of the biggest,oldest and best vegetable CSA's in central Wisconsin! We are proud to announce last year was our first year working with Sunny Sky Farms of Amherst Wisconsin and it works very well for people to get meat and eggs delivered with their veggies. We still do bulk meats and pieces and now we give you another choice. Remember, Quality IS our middle name! If you would like brochures sent to you, please leave your name and address and we will send them to you.

We are also working on putting up our website so check back often.

Visitors are welcome by appointment only.


Listing last updated on Jul 18, 2012

We are happy to try and work with you on special needs diets by special order. We also have a great processor that has come up with recipes that gives us great tasting sugar free bacon and hams and we have no nitrates,nitrites, soy, corn syrup or MSG in the processing.Nothing you don't need, just great food. We now have a complete line of gluten free products too!

Season:  June through November

Type:  multiple farm

Since:  2009

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Work Req?  No

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Stevens Point, Saturdays
Wisconsin Rapids Thurs

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Bice's is a wonderful farm with gorgeous, happy animals. Their meat is delicious and nutritious as a result of the kind treatment their animals receive.... [more]

As a college kid, most of my food comes mystery sources such as bent and dent grocery stores and walmart, though the plus side is - I can compliment my surreal amount of mystery mush with protein from Bices Quality Critter's, where I have been working since there was snow on the ground.... [more]

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