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NATURALLY GROWN BILBERRY LEAF DRIED HERB Botanical Name: Vaccinium myrtillus

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Our 2 oz pouches of Dried Bilberry leaf are freshly solar dried and sealed in air tight foil pouches to preserve freshness.

Each 2oz pouch of dried herb makes approx. 32-36 cups of tea or for use in herbal preparations.

Medicinal Properties and Uses of Bilberry: Bilberry has one of the highest antioxidant contents in it's makeup. Bilberry benefits many disorders especially for poor vision, eye diseases, diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts, high cholesterol and blood pressure. Bilberries properties also consist of mucostimulant, anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic, vasoprotectant and a lipid lowering agent.

Bilberry Tea Recipe: Steep 1 tsp dried herb in 1 cup water. A handful of Dried fruit eaten by mouth 3 times per day or added to various food dishes as mentioned above.

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