Birdhouse Gourd Seed

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Birdhouse Gourd Seed

Grow your own gourds for birdhouses and crafts!! Nice shapes, thick tough skins Fresh seed for 2015 ready now

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Birdhouse, as with other gourds, are very easy and fun to grow! These plants have a vining habit, so allow plenty of ground space, or ideally plant along a fence or provide trellising or other support. Old tomato cages are perfect! Sorry, these are not suitable for container gardening. These are annuals, and are also heirloom plants.

A gourd vine hanging full of fat green gourds is a wonderful sight! In addition to getting the gourds, you will make your local bees happy as well, as the flowers attract them, as well as other pollinators.

Gourds do best when direct sown - prepare ground and add amendments and sow when all danger of frost has passed.

One packet = minimum 20 fresh viable seed

HARVEST YOUR GOURDS: It will take all summer for your gourds to develop and become ready to pick. Allow the gourds to dry on the vine. Some folks will put clean straw or pine needles underneath their gourds to keep them from rotting or becoming discolored by the ground. When gourds are dry, or if vine has dried out first, gently remove the gourd with its stem from the vine,and allow to complete drying in a cool, dry, well ventilated place. You can remove the seeds and save to plant for next year's garden!

These seed were organically produced in USDA Zone 7b, rural North Carolina, using vegan methods.

Peace and Happy Gardening!

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My seeds are harvested and cleaned by hand, and are fresh for the season specified. I never sell old seed. As a result of hand cleaning, there may be some small amount of natural material (chafe) included with your seeds, especially the tiny ones. Just plant it with your seeds!

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